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  Jagermeister German Shepherds

      Carlos Rojas K9 Training / Alpha K9 Academy

      Superb temperament German Shepherd puppies, trained German Shepherds, family and personal protection dogs.

      Professional K9 trainer, breeder - Carlos Rojas, New Jersey

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Welcome to Jagermeister Shepherds


Over 30 years of experience. Breeder, Importer and Trainer of world class working German Shepherds from the finest bloodlines in the world.


Superb temperaments for loyal family companionship, K9 sports, law enforcement, personal protection, security dogs, guard dogs and therapy dogs.

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Our K9 Training Courses

Professional dog trainer in New Jersey. We offer many different types of training programs to fit your life style.


Over 30 years of experience. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills. In establishing a clear line of communication with your dog through proper interaction. It is through obedience training that allows us the opportunity to alter or develop their behavior. Discipline is intended to experience the consequence of our actions to produce change


We also offer exclusive 'Board and Train' program

Understanding K9 behavior is the essential ingredient in developing a training program. You will learn how to teach your dog basic commands and how to solve behavior problems such as excessive barking, unwanted jumping and aggression to other dogs.




   Fully Trained German Shepherd Dog for Sale


Fully Trained German Shepherd Dog for Sale

A fully Trained Master Level can start at a cost of $25,000. and up

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My fully trained German Shepherds are trained professionally with consideration that they are not programmed remote control robotic response. I do not promote unrealistic frequently asked questions. Professionally trained dogs are not machines, they have heart and real feelings. It would be unfair to think otherwise. A formal well planned transition experience is necessary for the bonding to a new handler / family / leader. This is a very important and necessary commitment that needs to be addressed in order to begin with a successful transition.


I offer a maintenance program for your new k9 family member to continue to cultivate the discipline behaviors with the experience that he or she understands. After 30 years of K9 education experience I encourage a maintenance program to be considered.


Trained German Shepherds Family Protection Dogs Personal Protection Dogs Trained Protection Dogs for Home Invasion Guard Dogs Security Dogs German Shepherds Puppy NY, NJ, PA USA

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   Our World Class Working German Shepherds

Billy (Jack) Hause Bley, IPO3




Congratulations to Carlos Rojas & Billy Jack Hause Bley

2015 Monterrey Mexico IPO3 Champion (96-99-100=295)

Awesome time in Monterrey Mexico at the Campeonato De Trabajo IPO Monterrey Championship
Gilberto Treviño Fuerte and his friends thank you.
The help by mi Amigos Stefan Juntke and Marko Koskensalo in days before competition was impressive

and the results are evidence
Billy Jack 96 99 100
SV Canadian Judge Frank Mensing ...
Congratulations to all who competed, awesome dogs and awesome new friends.


2015 Monterrey Mexico IPO3 Championship Protection


Billy Jack Highlights 2014



2014 USCA National Championship Obedience


2014 USCA National Championship Protection & 2014 The PLAYERS Tournament Protection






Branco vom Banholz, SchH3, IPO3, FH, KKL2

2009 FCI World Championship 28th place

View Branco vom Banholz page, please click HERE

2009 FCI World Championship

September 3-6, 2009  Schwanenstadt, Austria
View more photos, please click HERE


Congratulations to Carlos Rojas & Branco vom Banholz

2009 FCI World Championship 28th place (93-91-87=271)

USA Team 5th place



Thank you to the following for their support!!!

Nia Cottrell, Shelly Leibowitz, Dyan Harper, Frank Pinho, Kevin & Doreen Rutherford, John Kolnhofer,

Caren Franz, Bruce Baron, Fernando Segovia, Gerard Schaffner, Susan Trombetta, Patella Family,

Frank Horner, Jeff Menconi, Kim Gash, Nautly Family, Benny Barmapov, Bill Dutton, Jim & Janis Toman,

Bob & Irene Hoosack, Arlene Bell & Galen Clements, Michael Heaney, Bob & Dee Santos, Diane Falconer,

Jim Hill, Jan & Caroline Galant, Emes Biro, T Floyd


Our friend Jan Galant from "vom Banholz" kennel in Belgium






Ikke van't Heukske, SchH3, IPO3, FH2

FH Legend in the USA

View Ikke van't Heukske page, please click HERE


2001 WUSV USA Team Member

2001 North American FH Champion      

2002 North American FH Vice Champion

2002 FCI World Championship Competitor

2003 North American FH Champion      

2004 North American FH Vice Champion

2x World Champion Qualifier

2004 New England Regional FH Champion

2005 AWDF FH Champion

2005 North American FH Champion

2005 Northeastern Regional Championship

2006 AWDF FH Champion

2006 North American FH Champion

2007 FCI World FH Championship USA Team

2008 AWDF FH Champion

2008 North American FH Champion

2009 GSDCA-WDA FH Vice Champion




   Ruffdog Sport Supply


Ruffdog Sport Supply started in early 2014 with a dream to work with our hobby and passion, DOGS. This passion has allowed us to do what we love most,,, spend our days outside playing with our dogs. We strive to help others be the best they can be in their dogsport of choice by offering quality dog sporting equipment, quality clothing for dog-specific activities amongst many other special offers. It has gifted us the opportunity to travel the world and meet many amazingly talented people with the same passion, dogs and the outdoors.

   Contact Information

New Jersey NJ dog trainer Carlos Rojas

Carlos Rojas

Jagermeister Shepherds

Carlos Rojas K9 Training / Alpha K9 Academy

11 Laurelwoods Dr.

New Egypt, New Jersey 08533

By Appointment Only

(4 miles from NJ Six Flags Great Adventure)





Alpha K-9 Schutzhund Club

Dog Sport Enterprise (DSE)

German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA)

American Working Dog Federation (AWDF)

Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

DVG America

American Kennel Club (AKC)

vom Banholz Kennel

vom Sennertal Kennel

John Soares K-9

Cara Dobe



Ruffdog Sport Supply




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